Our dogs


I have been dreaming of a dog like Zea for many years. I have had many dogs in my life, and many wonderful friendships with dogs have led to the birth of my ideal dog concept…

You will probably agree that without a good temperament, even the most wonderful and beautiful dog may make us doubt if it will fill my life with joy or simply overcomplicate it. Naturally, it is only a matter of attitude, as challenges and difficulties help us learn and improve. So what kind of dog do we want in terms of breed, temperament, character, appearance? This question is critical as it determines our next 10 – 15 years of life.

Coming back to Zea, she is brave, smart, confident, independent, adaptable and loves people (I wonder what good she sees in them?!). She is a very fast learner. If you have any questions whether a Cavalier can be trained and whether one can exercise with it, you get my confident YES! They are extremely receptive and intelligent; however, you need to pay attention to their health and exercising.

Zea is a lady featuring both a great temperament, and excellent health test results. Both Zea and her parents are healthy, with excellent heart function and syringomyelia test results (her parents are over six years old). Zea has three sisters, also featuring excellent health tests.

In everyday life, Zea is the dog who is always with me. When I run, she runs, when I lie down, she does that too. Zea sleeps next to me or in front of me, so that she can notice when I decide to change my position. Outdoors, she runs, sniffs, carries sticks, and she loves to swim. She likes to practice with me and is eager to learn obedience or tricks. Are there things Zea does not like? Actually, yes, and these are the snoods, grooming, and most of all when I go out and leave her without my company…


Zea is an excellent dog show performer; she is a Lithuanian and Estonian Junior Champion.

Health test results:

CCS/EFS clear

Patella (0)

Eyes clear

Heart doppler free (8 October 2021)

CM 2c, SM 0c, no PSOM (26 February 2021)

Photo credit: M. Szczerba, S. Jermolajevas, U.U. Uždavinytė, A. Derleta